• Treasure Hunts for Everyone

    The fun, personalized, activity, that keeps everyone happy!


We create fully personalized treasure hunts for your party. We ensure that the clues, their degree of difficulty, and the fun is always at your child’s level and interests. Taking children on a hunt to the locations you want for as long as you want: The treasure hunts can vary from a quick holiday search (leading to presents in one-room), to a neighborhood-wide day-long hunt.

Build excitement and confidence, incorporating friends and favorites (books, shows, movies, games, sports, characters). We do the work but it is entirely personal—The clues/answers are specific to them.

Extremely Easy-to-Use: you print/cut/place clues, with an adult’s how-to & cheat-sheet, and back-up hints.


Aimed for a community, reunion, family, or other adult or older teen group.

All of the fun, with clues that amuse and keep all ages interested.

For any setting and any group, we can create (and have) a perfect activity.

How Does it Work?

An incredibly fun, affordable activity that brings together everyone and share the knowledge, interests, and favorites specific to your participants. The key is the personalization: so the reader will find a clue on his favorite character, the athlete on her specific position in her sport, the fans will answer about their idols, the parent can add knowledge or sit back and enjoy. The clues run for the timing you request. In the end, an excited group will sit back to relax and share their favorite clues or open the presents that the hunt has lead them to.

Happy Hunters!

Thank you for following up. The hunt was great!  Kids loved it.  It was very age appropriate.

T. L.
T. L.1 Hour Dual Birthday Hunt

Thanks for an incredible party…eventually we will tell our friends about your site, but for now we want to take credit and be the only one with such a great party!

F.C.2 Hour Hunt

Matt, this was fabulous. It was so personalized and perfect. We were sure we’d just get a Disney “personalization” with Zachary’s name cut and pasted throughout.

S.E.1 Hour Hunt

Thanks again, you should have seen his face light up with each clue that he knew or, even better had to solve.

J.P.1 Hour Hunt

The caricature maze was amazing. It really was worth the price for that alone!

H.O.1 Hour Hunt