• Personalized for the Age and Level of All Involved

    The clues will be personalized, to be fun, on-level, and the right amount of challenging for all. This is true from the young toddler, through “tween,” teen, young adult, and on to Grandpa and Grandma.

Age Focused Treasure Hunts


For those who can’t yet read, we’ll provide clues with images, with manipulatives (toys, etc.), with music, whatever they know.  We even use baby toys to include the pre-toddler.  We will create only clues you approve around your children.


Fun is “Priority One.” They should enjoy every clue and never be embarrassed.  Reading, puzzles, favorite characters, word plays, familiar images, places to search and things to touch, will be at their level. You’ll have backup hints and clues.


In these years, each child has his/her own interests. The perfect clue for one may bore another. favorites, rhymes, puns, challenges will keep all interested. They are able to celebrate their abilities and show off a little to friends and family.


Skills, interests, personalities, and larger search areas add to available clues. If desired, testing a strength (foreign language, sports stats, science, an online game, math, music, books) creates excitement at this age…as can fun, physical tasks.


For an adult party, all of the fun of the teen party can be included, with a variety of additions. These searches can be interspersed with younger clues for a multigenerational part or can by truly adult if so desired.