• Personalized to Include Their Knowledge and Favorites

    The clues are written to include the players’ interests, skills, favorites, and strengths, with challenges specific to their ability. Individualization includes as many “hunters” as you prefer.

Interest Focused Treasure Hunts


Arts and Literature: Any varieties of favorites will be incorporated into the clues. Books may range from Eric Carle, to Harry Potter, to Tolstoy. Favorites might include Art, Dance, Books, Comics, more and their characters/creators

Entertainment: Whether interested in the latest shows and YouTube videos or vintage cinema and opera, the clues will be directed toward favorite Movies, TV, Video, Music, and their makers.


Sports & Games: Whether pro, school. or local sports, interests will be in the treasure hunt. Games from new Wii/Xbox to poker/go-fish, board games to personal family games, we’ll provide clues based on tasks, characters, rules, stats…

Personal Interests: Each individual has unique elements and the PTH is at its best when including a toy, stuffed animal, old stories, inside jokes, favorite play area or vacation area. What they enjoy in life, they’ll love in the clues!

Knowledge Tests or Showing Off

Academics: While some use our hunts as study sessions (with great success!), education-related clues can be stress-free from Pre-K to PhD on the alphabet, language, nature, science, math, technology, geography, foreign culture, history…

Life and Trivia: As in any quiz show or many favorite games, much of the fun in our hunts are trivia, world, local, and family knowledge. Questions may be about favorite foods, commercials, people and places, or where the remote is placed.

Skills & Hobbies

Personal Talents: As with academics, individual skills are great sources of our Treasure Hunt clues. These have included abilities from shoe tying, colors, and counting thru to astrophysics, non-competitive athletics, cooking, singing…

Diversions: Hobbies may be the standards—crafts, collecting, animal-related, journaling/drawing—or extend to travel, learning, exercise, Ebaying/antiquing. Recent clues were for memorizers of Harry Potter and video game characters.

Challenges or Simple Tasks

Our Strength! We specialize in creating new, individualized puzzles, image & word games—always age-appropriate, and in varieties your players enjoy. They challenge, excite, amuse, and captivate with their own favorites leading them forward.

Varieties: Puzzles/Challenges include jumbles, mazes, crosswords, maps, jigsaws & picture matches, riddles & word plays, rebuses, codes, “Madlibs,” physical tasks, Sudoku’s. How personalized? Click the link below to see a maze leading to a person!

Photo Maze!