Personalized to Include Only the Places You Request

You have:
• areas, rooms, places you do and don’t want the hunters looking.
• how much running around you want.
• a schedule for the treasure hunt.
We ensure it runs to those plans.

Location Focused Treasure Hunts

Full Home and Beyond or Multi-Home

When players are old enough and parents are comfortable with multiple rooms and/or outside, our treasure hunts can be an exhilarating (exhausting, if desired) route in and out, up and down, where you want them. Families can share the activity, running from one home to another. Simple opening rules ensure they only go where you want them.

One or Two Rooms

With apartments, younger children, or just the need to keep the party contained, a Personalized Treasure Hunt can be designed to easily fit in just one room or more. We have made 30-clue hunts that fit in one corner; often the limitations are just as much a part of the fun.

Park, School, Neighborhood,…or Mansion

If you have a big area we can make a big Treasure Hunt—even if it is for a short time. Our personalization can incorporate dorm orientations, nature hikes, sightseeing, exercise, or relaxation. If there are any locations you want included, we will integrate them in fun and interesting ways. If you cannot think of them our order form will lead you through.

A Strict Focus on Time

Our clues are all time-focused. Some take many minutes—a harder word, rebus, or other puzzle, a distance between clues, or those needing input from many players. Others are quick finds for short attention spans, or designed to build fun, confidence, or excitement. These vary with age, location, and ability. They are all set by your needs and desires.

How Do You Decide?

Where are you comfortable with the Treasure Hunt? You know where the players will be safe, we will take them there and no where else. How much of the party/day do you want the game to take? What is their attention span and your budget?  PTH is very affordable and our “Involve Everyone” clues holds interest much longer than other activities. That said, you and you alone know what works best for you; we will make certain that is what we provide.