Personalized for Your Occasion on Your Schedule

Our treasure hunts can be designed specific to a holiday, birthday, or other themed-party. The conclusion may lead to presents, another activity, or a celebration. Your timing is all important to us and the clues will be designed to start and end when, and last as long as you want or need.

Occasion Focused Treasure Hunts

Birthdays, Graduations…

The most popular use of our treasure hunts is as an activity or (often) the activity in a birthday party. Often the last clue leads to either the gifts, the cake, or for preparation for friends to leave. Ages range from preschool through college graduation.


Gift-giving holidays become a rush of torn wrapping paper and moving to the next present. With a Treasure Hunt, gift giving can be spread over 30 minutes or a whole morning, or can be the exciting culmination of the search (allowing children to have burned off the energy and take in the day and the presents).

Vacation or Weekends

Personalized Treasure Hunts are the perfect summer, vacation, or weekend change of pace. Whether you are approaching a Saturday faced with a throng of friends in need of something to do or bored and feeling lonely at home, for less than the price of taking a group to the movies, a special and unique day can be the solution.

Reunions and Other Adult Parties

Fun does not end with adulthood, nor is it only for one age group. Ours are perfect for get-togethers across generations with clues aimed at all participants. Looking for relaxation among only adults? A house-share vacation, or even business icebreaker? We have even created a drinking treasure hunt game.

Tight Time Frame

When planning a party an activity is only as good as the confidence you have in it. We realize you need to be able to start the Treasure Hunt when you want and run as long as you need. See our information about controlled time and place of our Personalized Treasure Hunts.