Combining with Another Activity

Don’t think other party plans have to be on hold with a Treasure Hunt…the more the merrier:

While many families (and other hosts) use a Treasure Hunt as the activity in a party or get-together, for others it is just one of two or many—although, we would think one of the highlights!  That doesn’t mean the activities have to exist on their own as separate entities.

We often include other elements in the hunt, begin or end with them, or have them as a recurring theme in the clues. These may include a game (pin the tail, or soccer), a performer (clown, puppeteer, Crazy Uncle Philip), a major item (like a Bounce House or a Pony Ride), or a more low-key activity (such as face-painting or time in a play area). Whatever you want or need, we’ll find a way to work it in seamlessly.

If you are wondering how you’ll get everybody to a certain area, or how you’ll get them to stop and/or move on, the clues can provide the answer. For instance if you expect some kids will no want to end kicking the soccer ball around, we simply have a clue that ends with something like, “So here’s what you do–The team that scores 3 goals before the other, gets the next clue, by bringing the ball to Kevin’s Mother.” (No, we don’t always rhyme, but we like to!)

Recently, we included a Bounce House in our hunt, and if you think all the running around tired them out, apparently you should have seen the end of this one!

As always if you have any questions about how this can work, feel free to ask.  We’re not just pirates, we’re super-creative pirates.