Center Street School

Earlier this month we were very excited to create a treasure hunt for the Center Street Elementary school in Williston Park, NY.  It was our largest number of hunters (nearly 500 students) and our longest time span (7 days), and included over 100 clues, as well as other activities. For their annual “Pick a Reading Partner” program, they always have a theme with activities and games to encourage reading, and it was an honor to be such a big part of this year’s PARP.

Parents and staff came together to produce an incredible learning experience.  As we touched upon in our last blog, we provided a complete fictional story with the school staff members playing characters. Our clues were designed to hint at and teach U.S. states and solve a mystery! We also provided these clues on three different levels, from Kindergarten to Grade 5.  This larger and multiple-focussed set of clues created challenges and we are also particularly appreciative of the close working relationship with the lead parent involved and the various members of the faculty to provide what clearly was a very successful and fun week.

The sequential nature and pursuit of clues in Treasure Hunts that is perfect in settings of 1-20 hunters, do not naturally lend themselves to simultaneously involving hundreds of children across ages. It is the challenges that help us grow. Adjustments had to be made to ensure everything worked and that school requests and rules were always being followed; in the end, the varied ideas and efforts has provided us entirely new kinds of activities to include in our hunts. The final storyline—that everyone was involved in—may not have made it to the Oscars, and the songs may not have earned any Grammies, but perhaps we were just too late for this awards’ season!

Thanks again Center School Elementary for thinking of us and letting us be involved.