Personalized without ever seeing us

I have discovered that is not that easy to explain what we do. We think of it as straight-forward.  The treasure hunts we create are what you would make if you had the time, the background, and the inclination to spend hours creating a fun, personalized activity that involves everyone, plays on their knowledge, and provides just enough challenge.  In that way, it might be something like hiring an entertainer or party host, BUT we never come by.  Everything happens online and you have an easy-to-follow key that let’s you run the treasure hunt with the work already done.

I’m sure you’d love us if you met us, but understandably you would be just as happy not having a stranger at your child’s party, company outing, family or school setting.  We do miss the fun, and love to hear about it and see the pictures.  The most recent pictures and videos of the school performing our hunt/mystery (in character) were a joy to see.

It is interesting, when there is so much news (and true concern) about the internet being a threat to your privacy, that there are opportunities such as our service where it can add to your privacy.  We often do not even know the address of the treasure hunts we’re sending you out on (unless there are elements of a park or such that are involved).  With anonymity you still have a completely individualized — figurative, but not literal — “hands-on” craft product, specific to your hunters and setting.

Again, we think we’re very presentable and fun; of course, lots of people are scared by clowns!