Providing Professional “Fun Dad” Services

We have been asked in the past, “wait, aren’t those treasure hunts just what fun dads parents do?”
Well, first of all, very fun parents!
Second…um, yes, but we do it really well.
Third, exactly.

If you have the desire, the inclination, the imagination, and the time to make a treasure hunt for your child(ren), absolutely go forth.  We’re pretty proud of our design, our key and extra hints, our puzzles that we’ve developed based on different players, different levels, and feedback.  But, do we insist we can beat you doing it yourself? That’s a dangerous claim to make.  Can we provide you an incredibly fun activity that everyone will love and occupy a good chunk of a party and save you hours (probably 10+ hours) of time setting it up? Yes, that we can promise.

In fact, the reality is that these personalized treasure hunts were originally personalized for our own children and it usually took a week full of nights to prepare.  Eventually, these could not be at every party or we’d miss out on spending time with our family and lose the fun.  But, we did develop and hone our skills and, once our children were grown (and wanted to help), we were looking at a service we specialized in.  To our joy and that of other families, we realized we could provide it to others.  In essence, “Fun Dad Services” is our business model!

To Buy Happiness, Spend Money on Saving Time.

Last year a study came out that supported what many knew: money can buy some happiness, if it buys time.  That is, if there is something you need to do (cook dinner or clean laundry) or something you would like to do (have a perfect lawn or give your child a perfect personalized treasure hunt party), money spent to make it happen and free up your time can make you and those around you happy.  Given that our hunts start at the price of an affordable good wine, we think it can give enjoyment to you and your family and friends. Perhaps it can give you some time to drink that wine.