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Remembering Who Matters

As with any creation, it is always important that our primary concern be on who our audience is and what is best for them. (Perhaps some great creators— geniuses—can create just for themselves; it might be that da Vinci wasn’t concerned with Mona Lisa’s opinion, but that’s not our case.) Plain and simply: If it is […]

Providing Professional “Fun Dad” Services

We have been asked in the past, “wait, aren’t those treasure hunts just what fun dads parents do?” Well, first of all, very fun parents! Second…um, yes, but we do it really well. Third, exactly. If you have the desire, the inclination, the imagination, and the time to make a treasure hunt for your child(ren), […]

Personalized without ever seeing us

I have discovered that is not that easy to explain what we do. We think of it as straight-forward.  The treasure hunts we create are what you would make if you had the time, the background, and the inclination to spend hours creating a fun, personalized activity that involves everyone, plays on their knowledge, and […]

Center Street School

Earlier this month we were very excited to create a treasure hunt for the Center Street Elementary school in Williston Park, NY.  It was our largest number of hunters (nearly 500 students) and our longest time span (7 days), and included over 100 clues, as well as other activities. For their annual “Pick a Reading Partner” […]

Story Lines

Connections. When studying film you learn how important and overriding sound and ordering can be. You probably thoroughly understand the theory that walking through a forest can feel peaceful, uncomfortable, all the way up to terrifying, based on background music. And most already recognize that dialogue can turn a serious scene into humor as seen […]

Creative Collaboration

Art without loneliness. We all tend to think of creativity and creating as solo activities, but very few creations involve only one person and many of those generally are based on an assignment or a specific audience. The Mona Lisa was a consignment, as was nearly every great piece of architecture—and certainly all of those relied […]

New Year’s Resolution or Late Gift = an easy great party next year!

Usually a New Year’s Resolution is about improving something through effort and/or pain.  The great thing about Personalized Treasure Hunts is they can make your life (well, your party) better and easier. Okay, yes, this is more of a sales pitch than a blog post today, but I also am confident it’s true.  You can […]

Slowing the gift opening frenzy

Families say they like our Treasure Hunts for the Holidays because it slows down the gift-giving and makes it more fun: “Rather than ripping through the wrapping paper, saying thanks and quickly looking for another, they went from clue to clue. It forced them to take turns and even enjoy each other’s presents. The hints […]

For her AND her grandfather

We’re so glad to receive the wonderful response from the Stantons: —”The Treasure Hunt you made for our daughter (with my father) was great. They both loved it and he was so impressed.” Not many have come to us for “intergenerational” hunts, but they work so well alternating clues between the younger, the “less young,” […]

Combining with Another Activity

Don’t think other party plans have to be on hold with a Treasure Hunt…the more the merrier: While many families (and other hosts) use a Treasure Hunt as the activity in a party or get-together, for others it is just one of two or many—although, we would think one of the highlights!  That doesn’t mean the activities […]